Weingut Heinrich Hartl III

»Heinrich Hartl is one of Austria's real rising stars – an exciting and considered young winemaker, who is producing very elegant, individual and expressive wines from relatively unusual local grape varities, such as Rotgipfler and St Laurent.« Ken Mackay MW, Chef-Wine Buyer bei Waitrose/UK

Weingut Heinrich Hartl III is located in the Thermenregion in Lower Austria, a sun-rich district south of Vienna. The area is influenced by both the Pannonian and Continental climatic zones. Here the summers are relatively warm and dry, but the winters are cold. The scraggy soils of the 40-acre estate are dominated by fast-draining limestone in Steinfeld (Oberwaltersdorf) and by shell limestone on brown earth in Pfaffstätten and Gumpoldskirchen. Rotgipfler, a regional specialty, together with St. Laurent and Pinot Noir, are the estate’s flagship varietals.

Five generations of the Hartl family shaped and formed the estate before responsibility was handed over to the 20-year-old Heinrich only 11 years ago. In recognition of his role and achievements, the winery is now known by his name.

The winery is part of a larger property on which winemaking and other forms of agriculture have coexisted for generations. Hartl’s passion for winemaking, his insatiable interest in the great wines of the world and his extensive know-how quickly grew the winery’s reputation beyond the borders of Austria. Awards at major international tastings and competitions are the fruits of his uncompromising and carefully-focussed labours.