Our Vineyards

When it comes to his vineyards, Heinrich Hartl takes his time.

Time for the soils, so that they provide the ideal basis for young vines that are about to be planted. Before replanting vines, specially sown coverage plants are given the time that they need to flourish and fill the soil with the energy it needs.

Time to reflect on what he is doing. Heinrich Hartl knows that the decisions he makes are for the long term. A vine can survive for 50 or 80 years or even longer and must make optimal use of the vineyard in which it is planted. The choice of vine needs to be well considered.

Plant protection strategies which don’t damage the beneficial organisms that are found in a vineyard, along with precise canopy management and careful yield management are the logical steps for a winemaker striving for the highest quality. The plants that take root in a vineyard alongside the carefully-selected coverage plants are removed from time to time to reduce the competition for water. The harvest is carried out by hand, which means that the first selection of grapes occurs in the vineyard. During the harvest multiple passes are made through a single vineyard, so that only perfectly ripe grapes are brought in. Heinrich Hartl has a deep awareness that the vineyard ecosystem is the foundation of all that he does.